Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh so adicted!

Yes, my if I didn't have enough sites to waste my time on already (I have accounts in facebook, blogger, twitter etc, etc...) now, one more thing is grabbing my attention and my time: Pinterest!'s basically a place where you can save all your favorite pictures, sites and project ideas,  and have all that (including the links) in the same place. At at the same time you can see other people's pages, or boards, so for me, it's a place where I get inspired and get a lot of ideas for future projects (that I won't probably ever make, if I keep wasting time looking for ideas instead of making them!) 
This is my "PROYECTOS" (projects) board...

...And this my "RECETAS DULCES (sweet recipes) board... give it a try and you'll see!'s addictive!
Check my page here!

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