Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arroz con leche yum!

...This weekend I cooked "arroz con leche" a typical dessert from Spain (not to be confused with rice pudding... please...this is more rich, more tasty....a lot better!)
...My grandma Isabel taught me how to make it before my mission. It is a family recipe and  the smell of it brings so many making it made super homesick!
..I cooked it a lot during my  mission: for investigators, church parties, other missionaries... so a lot of people asked me for the recipe, so I made copies of the instructions and a picture of my cute grandma . At the end of my mission this dessert was famous all over the place!.. is in Spanish...if you are very interested I might translate it just for you;)


  1. he estado esperando por esta receta siglos!!!!!!!!!!!! y lo q kiero q me ensenyes es como haces el table runner!!!! ASAP!

  2. muchisimas gracias por compartir!!! me fascina el arroz con leche y voy a probar esta receta muy pronto. me gusta mucho leer tu blog porque me pareces muy chevere. yo tengo un hijo tambien casi de la edad de diego, deberiamos hacer playdates porque el mio tambien habla solo espanol, el pobre,,,,,,
    pero lo hago por su bien, al igual que tu, cierto?. tatiana

  3. I am just barely pregnant and every time I come to your blog I come back to this post, it sounds sooo delicious which is huge as nothing really sounds good to me right now. If you have a second I would love a copy of your recipe in english. My email is Thank you.