Thursday, July 26, 2007

Food, food and more Spanish food!!!!

Mike and I gained a few pounds in just three weeks in Spain...., here is the reason:
"Empanada gallega", with tuna fish, veggies and fresh tomatoes

"Calamares fritos" , fried calamary
"Queso Manchego" cheese from La Mancha
" Tortilla de patata", or Spanish omelet. I had to post this picture because my grandmas' is the best!! "Tostada con tomate y aceite de oliva ", in the south is very typical to have this kind of toasted bread and eat it with pure olive oil and smashed tomatoes. "Ensalada de merluza" a fancy salad with cod fish"Rape"again, no clue about the traslation, but it's a very tasty kind of fish "Empanada de setas" a fancy empanada with mushroomsand cream
"Paella", rice with seafood and chicken
"Ensaladilla Rusa" a kind of potato salad with veggies, mayonnaise and tuna.
"Boquerones Fritos", don't know the translation, but they are like anchovies but bigger.
"Calamares fritos"...again...they are soo good!
"Arroz con Leche", looks like rice pudding, but tastes so much better!
"Queso con membrillo y nueces" this is a dessert, and it's cheese with "quince" (a sweet fruit) and nuts...pretty tasty!
"Jamón Serrano"...cured ham..I just love it!!!!..I could be eating it all day! "Chorizo Iberico"...the best kind....awesome with bread
"Morcilla de Burgos" yes, I know, there is not a lot of fans of the blood sausage, but you have to try it to realize how good it is!"Ensalada de Tomate y huevo" Tomatoe salad with boiled eggs...and what makes it amazing is the olive oil...."Filetes de vaca empanados con patatas fritas"..This is a classic on my grandma's house...perfectly breaded beef thin steaks with tons of fried in olive oil potatoes..."Pisto"..tons of veggies mixed with tomato sauce.
"Bollos y pastas" some of the sweets you will find in pastry stores in Spain.
"Chocolate con porras" akind of fried dough with the creamiest and thickest chocolate ever...
"Perscaito frito" fried fish
"Lacón" a kind of ham
"Ensalada Mixta" typical spanish salad
"Panchineta" a typical dessert from the nort of was so good.. ..

So yeah,....we have eaten all that and's going to be so hard to go back to the protein shakes, the salads and the wheat pasta.....

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yummy Arabic food

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At the same time I was watching Hazel, Juan Carlos (my boss and friend) came and we cooked Arabic food. This is "Kippe", a kind of meat loaf , but with a lot of spices and was soooo good...
....and also we had some was all soo good!!!...and the company was the best thing!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cooking Hummus!

Juan Carlos very proud showing the ingredients...
...I know, it looks gross (like some kind of vomit), but its gooood....
Juan Carlos and I cooked some hummas yesterday and it was soooo good!....for those that don't know what it is is some kind of garbanzo spread from the middle can check out the recipe here.