Thursday, October 20, 2011


Inspired by this very talented girl....I decided to make some foam figures for Diego to play in the tub...he loved them, and it was very hard to get him out of it....he loved putting the wheels in the car, making the flowers, playing with the clouds...I will definitely make many many more!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crayola art, while Diego took a nap.

After seeing this idea in Pinterest ,

I decided to give it a try and create some art for Diego's room....and voila!
Vi esta idea en Pinterest, de como crear un cuadro bastante original con ceras, y decidi  intentar hacer mi propia version, y voila! (abajo estan las instrucciones paso por paso, es muy facil!...solo hay que pegar las ceras una a una en la parte superior de un lienzo blanco, y luego con un secador de mano se van derritiendo, y al caer la cera va creando interesantes dibujos!...muy facil y perfecto para el cuarto de Diego!)
...kind of happy with the final result...I wish I would have added more bright colors, and eliminated the browns and black, but oh well...overall I like it and Diego loooves it!...he screams "pinta" (to draw) everytime he sees it... this is what you start with...a white canvas and a  box of crayolas....(I bought the 64 units one, but if you want to make it brighter, you'll have to buy a smaller extra box)

...then you figure out what your color scheme is going to be like...
..and then you get busy with a glue gun!...
...almost half way through...
...all glued!...
...and then this if the fun part: get your hair dryer and start melting!
(I almost didn't want to do the last looked so pretty already....)
...and after about 20 minutes of melting by sections this is it!....NOTE: make sure you cover not only the floor but also the walls for this last part....there are splashes of color all over my living room wall....yikes!
It was overall a fast craft, about an hour an a half total time!...thanks Pinterest:)