Monday, August 2, 2010

Not in a good mood...

So today Mr. D and I walked to the grocery was early and hot, and I was not in my sexiest (sweats, no make up and a greasy ponytail)...but I wanted to get some exercise done and start the week with the right foot....Mr. D FINALLY fell asleep on the way there, so as I was getting ready to check out and I was rocking D's stroller so he wouldn't wake up, the lady in front of me checked me out, and asks me: "Is that a newborn?" and after I told her that he was not so new anymore, that he was 9 months and that I just didn't want him to wake up because he is the worst napper ever (meaning he hardly ever takes naps) she says:" just look so tired, so so tired...I don't think I have ever seen anybody looking so beaten up!"...and not happy with that comment (that in my mind translated as "You just look so so ugly...I don't think I have ever seen anybody looking so ugly") she added :"And how come he is not napping?...he should be by now...that is not normal, I have 3 kids, and all of them slept trough the night from month 2 and love taking at least 3 naps a day"...are you serious?....she could just have finished me right there with a punch in the that so rude or what? lady, if you are reading this, first I don't know you and you don't know me, so I don't need your comments, second those mom jeans and that fried hair are not in style anymore and third, your kid maybe naps like and angel, but he was ugly as hell. Now, I feel better.


  1. oh irene.

    i don't think you could be ugly if you tried.
    and, seriously... why do complete strangers feel the need to give people advice??

  2. I totally agree that you couldn't look ugly if you tried. That lady needs a punch in the face. I can't believe she said that to you! Maybe her babies napped all the time because she's a mean lady and they didn't want to be around her. :)

  3. Nooo, que sacada!!! Aquí se te tenía que salir lo latina y armarle el escándalo a la entrometida! JAJAJA!
    Y tienes razón, Diego es absolutamente hermosooo, yo creo que al ver su carita se te debe olvidar todo...

  4. I agree with Caroline. You're a natural beauty.

    Some people in this world are just dumb and have no common sense.....

    I hope that lame-o lady hasn't ruined your week! You're hot - let's get the kids together and play very soon!

  5. Oh I just wish Salud or Marilin would have been right there, she wouldn't dare to be that bold (not in front of them);-D
    By the way I was offered a seat in the metro last week, as if I were pregnant. I felt like the fattest thing on earth, you see, sometimes the goodwilled make you miserable.