Tuesday, August 3, 2010

English, Spanish or both?

I always struggle when writing in my blogs...should I do it in Spanish? or English (I know most of my friends from Spain understand English) and doing it in both languages,well...it's extra work, but I will do it if I knew that someone needed it, so this is your chance...leave a comment if you prefer that I do it in either or both...
Muchas veces cuando me pongo a escribir en mis blogs, no se si hacerlo en ingles o en espaƱol..creo que en general, lo hago en ingles porque asumo que la mayoria de personas que leen mis blogs entienden ingles, pero esta es tu oportunidad...si te gustaria que lo hiciese en ambos idiomas, dejame un comentario.


  1. English please!

  2. I think more people understand English so I guess English is the way to go. PERO... el espanol es el idioma mas lindo del mundo. Que importa lo que digan los italianos?! Je je je.

  3. BOTH - or at least English, because as much as I wish I could, I can't speak Spanish and I can't read it!