Friday, August 13, 2010

Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it...

...but I love it!!!!....I painted my fridge...yes, again....We used to have a very old crappy one, so I decided to painted it with chalk paint. My neighbors and nephews loved to draw on it...then that crappy fridge pooped out and we got another crappy one from ksl. I was not in the mood of doing anything to it, since I knew it was going to broke on us as well...Finally, my sweet sis. in law gave us her fridge when they moved to Colorado...a much better fridge, but white...It didn't go very well with the rest of the furniture, so yesterday it was go time....creativity time....and maybe, just maybe, I went a little too decide.

Well, first I must say that last time I painted the fridge I was 8 months pregnant and it was such an effort and pain...this time Mr. D was the pain!...he would not leave my side!

So first I used some pretty duck tape that I found at Robert's for 50 cents to make a frame....and after, I used frog tape to get it ready for the chalk paint.

...handles out and two coats of paint...

tada!!! matches the kitchen...

...and we can write cute messages!


  1. I love this!! It's so cute and a very clever idea! I think I might have to do this as well:)

  2. Que original y creativa eres!!se ve padrisimo,saludos.

  3. Cute! You should have brought D to my house. I love that kid. The fridge turned out cute!! Cherie

  4. I LOOOOOVE it Irene!!! I will post this on my blog soon If I remember! It is darling! I wish I owned my own fridge so I could do this:(

  5. Las dos veces te quedo muy bien! yo tengo un bote de pintura de pizarra, pero es verde, como las del cole de toda la vida, asi que no me atrevo a pintar mucho con ella, y menos el frigo! bueno, algun dia encontrare algo para los nenes!
    me encanta esa cita!!

  6. Que buena idea...te quedo súper!!!

  7. Me gusta...pero es gordon b hinckLey, no??? ;P jajajaj