Thursday, June 10, 2010


Long time ago I was approached by a cute old lady. She knocked on my door and told me that she lived a couple of houses to my right and that from her window she could see the side of our house. I first tough that she came to complain and to tell us to put some clothes on (Mike and I sometimes wandered in our undies around the house) but she came for a different reason. She told me that she spent a lot of time looking trough that window and that she would love to plant pretty flowers in our little garden so she could see them. I said yes, and this is what's blooming there:

love it.


  1. What a super story about love and service. We all should be like that sweet lady.

  2. Jo, qué suerte y qué bonito la verdad!

  3. Leído en donde yo vivo, dónde no se plantean ni plantar un cactus si no se compromete el ayuntamiento a pagar por su cuidado, lo que cuentas suena como de otra galaxia.
    Esa señora debe ser muy interesante.

  4. oh my goodness so beautiful!!