Friday, September 17, 2010

Peach cobbler, anyone?

...of course Diego is always ready for some sweet yesterday my cute neighbor Liz gave us a box full of peaches! I decided I had to try making a peach cobbler..I've always wanted to make one... below, some pictures of the very easy proccess... is not the prettiest thing I have ever made, but let me tell you, it tasted pretty good...This is the recipe I used.


  1. Ooh yummy I was just thinking about making that last night! Can you tell I am getting all caught up with all my comments on every post! LOL! Love ya girl and I hope you are staying busy (I am sure thats an understatement).

  2. Ummmmu se ve delicious... gracias por la receta, en este tiempo siempre pido duraznos de Brigham city para hacer mermelada y pies.....pero estoy segura que esta receta sera riquisima!!!!

  3. oh yum! so cute diego raising his hand that was perfect!