Thursday, July 15, 2010

What is D.I????

...How about the greatest place on earth? how about a crafter's heaven where all your projects can come true for very cheap?...just kidding, but really...
Some of you out, of the state and out of the country, have asked me what is that place that I talk about all the time.
This is D.I and these are some of the awesome finds that I have scored over the years.
Hooray for D.I!
Oh and here is just an example of my love for the D.I


  1. Ahhh ya!!!hola Irene,cuando leia tu otro blog siempre me preguntaba que era el D.I ,no sabia donde conseguias tantas cositas lindas a tan buen precio!yo vivo en Dallas y he visto muchas tiendas D.I,pero nunca me imagine que se podia encontrar cosas tan bonitas,aunque claro, el merito mayormente es tuyo ya que el acabado y la utilidad que le das es barbara,eres super creativa,yo apenas puedo colgar un cuadro!!!!jajajaja,asi que tu blog me ayudara a tener ideas,fresquitas para mi casa.Un saludo

  2. You could also say that it's like Goodwill of other states... :)