Monday, June 28, 2010

{blueberry muffins and cute cupcake wrappers}

I've noticed lately that when I'm worried or nervous, I bake...So yesterday I had to try to make this recipe....they were very, very good....

...and then I decided that they look pretty plane...I saw these amazing wrappers the other day, and then I found this stencil to make my own, so I decided to give it a try...

...I made this one with a pretty punch that I have, the rest, with the stencil...

...they are so easy to make!.. I used scrapbook paper and plane them!!!let me know if you have any questions!..any!:)


  1. Siento que estés guorri :-(
    Mira a ver si la coartada de cocinar no va a terminar como la peli de Woody Allen (esa en que ponen una tienda de galletas como tapadera para hacer un butrón a un banco pero al final el atraco sale mal y la panadería se forra)

  2. adorable! but the real question is: why are you worried or nervous?

  3. omg, those are so cute!!! I want to buy them all and have a cupcake party :-)

  4. Granujas de medio pelo!
    Es buenísima Patricia, sería súper gracioso que Irene terminase así también!!!

  5. Tienen una pinta...mala, mala...que hay que ponerse el bañador este verano deja de ponerme los dientes largos o terminaré por caer!!!