Sunday, May 16, 2010

cute, easy and that is my kind of craft.

...that's why I made these hairpin vases...they make the cutest little present for your visiting teaching ladies, sisters, kids teachers or neighbors...I made one for my neighbor Stephanie, as a thank you for baby sitting Diego the other day, and for my sisters on mother's day.... only need a glass jar (50cents at D.I), cute hair pin (I used the typical black one and glued a fabric yo-yo that I made, but you can glue cute buttons, or use a hairpin that already has some kind of decoration) and a glue gun.

instructions: easy: hot glue the pin on the jar. the end.

...and then you can make cute thank you or i love you notes, or attach a picture or whatever using the hairpin...cute huh?


  1. Adorable! How did you make the fabric yo-yo?

  2. Están genial...que de cosas sabeis hacer!! si es que allí encontrais de todo para todo.

  3. y como haces lo del pelo?? me encanta!! es super mono!!