Thursday, February 4, 2010

I feel like cooking.....bad food! (or delicious treats...:)

Nooo!!!! I'm trying to lose some weight before I go to Spain and this is all I can think about today!!!...homemade oreos????

....what??? I found the recipe here, and they also have recipes for homemade Twinkies and hostess cupcakes!...I hope I'm strong enough to resist the temptation of making any of these not- so- healthy treats!


  1. mmmmmm homemade oreos are quite delicious. I made double chocolate mint cookies don't feel too guilty if you give in- I did! :0)

  2. we made a recipe for homemade twinkies. It was good, but not as fantastic as it should have been.

  3. jo tia....esto no es bueno eh????!!!