Monday, September 14, 2009

I want to be a cupcake for halloween...

how cute is this costume???....Instructions to do it yourself here.


  1. SHUT UP! Pah-LEASE be a cupcake Irene! It would be the coolest thing ever!!! If you don't...I might...!


    p.s. I need to call you so we can get planning this baby shower of yours! Hope your doing just fab!

  2. jaja... lindo! Tengo una amiga que se disfrazó de sandwich (sí, sandwich) para un concurso en la universidad (ajá, en la universidad) por supuesto que se ganó todos los premios... :D

  3. i was going to make olivia a cupcake costume! then i realized it might be better when she is walking, not being carried around...