Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today I love....

Sock Monkeys...and I think I might try making my own for the baby...instructions here.


  1. Que original, ojala tuviera mas tiempo para hacer mas cosas. De momento lo pondre en mi lista pendiente de tareas haber si dentro de poco puedo probar a hacerlos, porque son graciosisimos.

  2. love these!
    i've never tried to make one, but i got ezra one at target for 14 bucks!
    so cute!

  3. Son muy graciosos...mis hijos duermen con muñecos de peluche, y los tienen ya destrozaditos de todas las vueltas que les dan...

  4. My friend's grandma is making & selling some, if you don't feel like making one yourself. They are super cute & you can pick what color you want. I think I will post a link to her blog on mine later today, so check it out. They are made of yarn, so they are a little different. Which is good for us because our little kitty likes to eat stuffed animals so hopefully he wont eat the yarn one.

  5. We love ours! So glad you were ok when your car broke! So scary girl!